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At La Taqueria, our food speaks for itself. A small family of independent taco restaurants in Belfast; our craft is rooted in trusted, traditional Mexican flavours and recipes that not only showcase some of Northern Ireland’s famous local produce but also Mexico’s amazing ingredients that we ship ourselves.

Our journey started as a conversation between two friends Steve and Andy (Home Restaurant and Mourne Seafood Bar) and their dream of opening an authentic Mexican restaurant filled with tequila, mezcal, cervezas, and great music.

That dream was shared by Adam, who fell in love with cooking real Mexican street food after working years in traditional kitchens around the world. Enter our 2 hosts, Laura and Jorden, both absolute masters of the beauty of tequila and mezcal and how to drink them (not with a wedge of lime and salt), and La Taqueria was born.


When it comes to Mexican street food, we don’t mess around: forget soulless tacos drowned in melted cheese and sour cream. We are proud to ship our ingredients from Mexico – from dry chillies and cinnamon sticks to soft drinks and spices. Our food is mirrored by our drinks, which focus on artisan tequila and mezcal, letting high-quality ingredients shine.

We started as a popup in September 2016, but when the prestigious McKennas’ Restaurant Guide awarded us best restaurant in Ireland – not just best Mexican or even ethnic restaurant, but the best restaurant – we knew it was time to put roots down. We opened our second restaurant in February 2019 and welcomed our two new business partners, Gary Lightbody and Nathan Connolly from local rock band Snow Patrol.

Join us and discover Mexican street food for yourself.

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